Cottenham Brass Band Constitution
(Amended June 2009)


01. The band shall be known as 'Cottenham Brass'. This may include a junior band, known as 'Cottenham Junior Band'.

02. The object of the band shall be to promote, encourage and enjoy brass band music on a non-profit-making basis.

03. The affairs of the Band shall be the responsibility of the band Committee

04. The Committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

05. The election of the Chairman shall be at the AGM.

06. The Committee shall consist of the following:

07. Chairman

q Secretary

q Treasurer

q Bandmaster

q and three others.

08. In the event of the absence of the Chairman, the Chairman shall name a temporary deputy chairman.

09. Three other band officials may be elected at the AGM. These will be:

q Librarian

q Junior Bandmaster (if a junior band is formed)

q Junior band representative (if a junior band is formed)

10. The Committee shall appoint a Child Protection Officer as a member of the Committee.

11. The Committee may co-opt other band members onto the Committee or as band officials.

12. The Committee is empowered to make by-laws by a majority decision, provided that these are not inconsistent with this Constitution.

13. The minimum for a Committee meeting shall be five.

14. The Committee may, by notice in writing, call upon any member of the band to appear before the Committee.

15. Any band member wishing to put any item to the Committee may instruct a Committee member to place it on the agenda or request in writing to attend the next Committee meeting for that item.

16. New band members and ex-members may be nominated by any band member and will be accepted into the band subject to a decision by the Committee.

17. Subscriptions will be decided at the AGM and shall be paid in advance in two instalments, on or before the last days of March and September; or in full on or before the last day of March. Refund of subscriptions shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

18. Only fully paid up members of the band are eligible to vote.

19. Any band member may approach any Committee member about a reduced subscription.

20. Associate membership of the band will be available at a reduced rate and will carry no voting rights.

21. The Bandmaster shall be responsible for the selection of music, allocation of instruments and all pertaining matters. However, s/he should be prepared to respect the recommendations of the Committee.

22. Every effort shall be made by band members to attend all practices and engagements punctually and for their full duration.

23. Members will be expected to wear band uniform at all band engagements (except where otherwise agreed by general consent prior to the engagement)

24. Members will be expected to promote the goodwill of the band and assist at functions and fund-raising whenever possible.

25. Members having instruments or other property on loan from the band are expected to keep them clean and in good working order.

26. All instruments owned by the band shall be valued for insurance purposes every three years.

27. Authorised signatories for cheques issued on the band accounts should be signed by two of the following:

q The Chairman

q The Secretary

q The Treasurer.

28. Each member who receives any band equipment on loan shall pay a Refundable Equipment Deposit (RED). The amount shall be decided at the AGM and the money will be held on deposit in the band accounts.

29. All equipment borrowed must be signed for.

30. The RED is refundable when all the equipment borrowed is returned to the band in good condition.

31. The band will have five Trustees who will be elected at the AGM, each serving a period of five years.

32. The Committee shall arrange the election of Trustees in such a way that one Trusteeship is due for election at each AGM. Additionally, should an elected Trustee resign from office or be incapable of carrying out his/her duties, an election shall be held at the next AGM.

33. In the event of Cottenham Brass becoming insolvent or unable to form a working Committee, the Trustees shall, after a period of five years from the last AGM, and after taking reasonable steps to re-establish the band, dispose of any instruments, assets or monies in any way they deem suitable, but preferably to the benefit of another band or bands in the area.

34. Cottenham Brass has adopted a Child Protection Policy and Procedure, copies of which are available for inspection.

Additional Information

New Members

01. Subscriptions are due on joining the band and will be charged for the amount of the year remaining.

02. New members joining the band are required to complete a registration form detailing address, telephone number, equipment held, etc.

Replacement of Uniform

01. Uniforms will be replaced, at the band's expense, if worn out due to fair wear and tear. This will be at the Committee's discretion.

02. Replacement uniforms will initially be from 'spare stock'. If a suitable size is not available, one will be ordered.

03. Uniforms will be replaced, at the member's expense, if damaged by misuse or carelessness.

Use of uniform

01. Members will receive a uniform jacket and tie from the band.

02. Members are expected to provide the rest of the uniform at their own expense.

03. All items on loan from the band remains the property of the band and can be recalled at any time by order of the Committee if the Committee believes a member is not promoting the good name of the band.

04. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the uniform is kept clean and in good condition.

05. Grey jackets will only be worn during performances.

06. Grey jackets will be kept in dust covers, hanging on wooden or plastic hangers (not wire hangers) at all times when not being worn.

Code of Conduct

01. Whilst at an engagement (even when not playing) you are on show to the public and therefore should be on your best behaviour.

02. Uniform should be worn correctly, i.e., ties done up, shirts tucked in, sleeves rolled down (unless agreed by the Bandmaster).

03. Players will sit correctly on the stand, i.e., feet on the floor (this not only looks better but aids breathing).

04. The playing area must be kept clear of all items not required for playing, e.g., cases, bags.

05. There will be no unnecessary talking on the stand.

06. There will be no eating, drinking or smoking on the stand.

07. When leaving the stand in between playing session, music stands and instruments must be left in a safe position or put in cases.

08. Players will have their instruments in a playing position at the start of a piece of music even if they have nothing to play.

09. Instruments and stands are to be kept clean and any damage sustained must be reported to a Committee member.

10. At practice players are expected to start playing at 7.30p.m.

11. The practice room is to be left clean and tidy, with chairs and stands put away and no litter on the floor.

12. Members are reminded that the practice room is a non-smoking area.

Definition of Cottenham Brass Uniform (Feb 2006)

q Grey uniform jacket

q Black tie with band crest

q Plain white shirt, with turn down collar and long sleeves

q Plain black trousers (male)

q Plain black skirt or plain black trousers (female)

q Plain black socks (male)

q Plain black tights (female)

q Plain black shoes

q If you wish or need to wear a hat during the summer it must be supplied straw boater.