Cottenham Brass Band Repertoire

While the band has a large library, these are the pieces that we are currently performing at our engagements.

Colonel Bogey 
Kenneth J Alford 
Famous British Marches 
Gordon Langford 
Grace at Eventide 
Hymn Tune 
Lance Munday 
Happy Birthday To You 
Mildred Hill 
C Bugby 
Harbour Lights 
Jimmy Kennedy & Hugh Williams 
I Vow to Thee, My Country 
Gustav Holst 
Philip Sparke 
Lambeth Walk 
Noel Gay/Douglas Furber 
Philip Sparke 
Saddleorth Festival Overture (A) 
Test Piece 
Goff Richards 
Butlins 2018 section 4 test piece 
Songs from the Great War 
Bruce Fraser 
Stantonbury Festival 
Test Piece 
Ray Steadman-allen 
Commisioned by Milton Keynes Borough Council and performed at 1980 February Festival. 2018 section 4 test piece 

As we enter the Christmas Season, we also add a selection of Christmas pieces, along with a wide range of carols.